Marcus Santos & Grooversity

Marcus Santos spreads joy and warmth to audiences every port of call—could be Taiwan, could be Texas—and nothing’s lost in the translation. By the time he gets here, his chops will be honed to an even more frightening level, his stamina strong, and his crisp, dancing rhythms sharpened to a razor edge.

At Drum Fest Marcus appears with a swat team culled from his performing and educational entity Grooversity. You’re about to witness a loose yet incredibly tight ensemble applauded by fans worldwide.

Santos is a powerful, charismatic leader who has appeared at every major gathering of percussionists in the world. An award-winning drummer honored in his native Brazil, and a workshop leader across North America, Marcus directs fully fourteen drum groups.

Born in Bahai, Marcus became absorbed in his indigenous music. It became the life blood of his career. His exciting, finely-executed, and respectful renderings garnered him Outstanding Percussionist Award during his years at Berklee and infused his work with Paquito D’Rivera and the Gypsy Kings. In addition, Marcus lit up the soundtrack to the motion picture Rachel’s Getting Married.

And then came a momentous event that sent out shock waves: Two years ago at the annual KoSA camp in Vermont, Marcus and Neal Peart hit the stage in a stunning call-and-answer performance, which was filmed for video by Hudson Music. Speaking of which, Marcus has hosted two DVDs including A Modern Approach to Pandeiro. When Drum Fest gets wind of his diverse repertoire (get it: Grooversity?), the atmosphere is going to be electric. When Marcus and Grooversity get up there, all questions on his beloved music will be answered.